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Angel Contest Winners
Check Out the Angel Names Clients Have Submitted


Choosing only one winner in each
category was really hard. 
There are more creative angel names
than I ever dreamed of!
Congratulations to the 
3 Winners:
 The Funniest Use of an Angel
Ann Nolen
The Most Creative Use of an Angel
Allegra Lynch 

The Best Storytelling Use of an Angel
Dennis Rafkind



 Ann Nolen

Funniest Use of an Angel  


  Angel Leslie

"Stress, stress, Les get rid of this mess."


Leslie is a very witty girl who knows how to clean up the

stress of being disorganized, or at least help you

stop worrying so much about it.


One of her favorite sayings is

"Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance!"









Allegra Lynch

Most Creative Use of an Angel


Angel  La La LaBella


   La La LaBella is extremely useful for those "get me out of here" situations!


Use La La LaBella when you don't particularly like what someone

is saying or when you want to block out someone's negative energy.


Say for instance, there is negative energy by someone who is

talking without any regard for the listener. 

You know the type of people. Those who feel obligated to let

you know exactly how they feel about politics, their way of life,

or some minor event, such as the poor customer service

 they are still fuming about.


When encountering this type of social situation,

I just say in my head ... "La La LaBella!"


This puts me in a much happier, more beautiful (bella)

"la la land" state of mind. 

I envision a nice white bubble surrounding me and

shielding me from an overbearing negative attitude.


Sometimes I scream it rather loudly in my head if I am very desperate

to end the conversation as soon as possible!

It's worked every time!





Dennis Rafkind

Best Storytelling Use of an Angel


Thankful - The Angel of Gratitude




Thankful the Angel of Gratitude

Didn't always have the right attitude.


Before Thankful realized his Angel hood

There were habits he had

That weren't so good.


When Thankful forgot what he was thankful for,

The rest of the world he would ignore.


It was never very pretty

To see the ways he got stuck in self pity.


The Angels of true Grief and Sorrow,

With the Angel of Brotherhood too,

Began to help Thankful gain a new view.


They said: "Many humans don't want us around,

But to allow us in can be profound.

There can be true transformation and release

If we can let you feel true sorrow and grief."


"Sometimes the first thing that you must do to heal

Is to let yourself begin to feel."


They helped Thankful begin to see

Suffering and Tragedy and real Sorrow and Grief

is more about we

than it is about me.


We each have our issue,

we each have our stuff,

We are all things

That to learn can be quite tough.


"Still there's much we can practice,

And yet we must gain a new view,

For our gratitude to be real and true."


Next, the Angel of Compassion helped Thankful

to be less rude

And develop a more accepting attitude.

With self and others, Thankful was verbally smashin'

Over time they taught him to have more compassion.


Through many lifetimes, Thankful learned new ways

To remember with Gratitude all of life's play.

The more he remembered what was good in his life,

The less his life was filled with struggle and strife.


Thankful won't make any grand claims,

Of how he changed.

After being humbled, he knows he can't really boast

And instead we'll tell you

Which Angel helped him the most.


So many times,

He was forced to lose face.

His growth to him,

Seemed to be at a snail's pace.

The Angel who helped him the most, to "win the race"

Is the well-known angel by the name of "Grace."