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A Wonderful Dog's Story


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Molly, My Beloved Companion and Friend 

by Annie

On a dark morning in February I sorted through my mail and spotted a fat envelope glowing with promise. Angels danced on the outside, and inside I discovered that a colleague had given me a gift certificate for a reading with Jan Kucker, "a psychic with a loving heart." As I opened the various pages enclosed, I felt as though an angel was emerging right there in my kitchen.
Since I had been grappling with a personal problem, I was quick to call Jan that very morning and we were able to schedule a meeting the next day.
During the reading Jan amazed me with her accuracy. I gave her only a one-sentence description of the issue and she fleshed out all of the details. She knew everything about my issue without my telling her.

Part of what Jan does is to communicate with people who have left their bodies and “crossed to the other side.” About half way through the reading, Jan said that there was a man who had been anxious to talk to me since the very beginning of the reading. It turned out to be my dad. The way I knew for sure it was he is that the words and phrases Jan used when quoting him were the same ones he used to use when he was alive. During our "conversation" my dad asked me twice what he could do for me.

Two weeks later, my dog (and best friend) Molly came down with acute pancreatitis. The vets and I all thought she was going to die. I called Jan in desperation and asked her if we could ask my dad for help. Jan told me I could but that I didn’t need her—I could ask him myself. I resolved to do so.

That evening, despondent, scared and upset that I would lose my beloved Molly, I sat down on the sofa and did my best to focus on something besides my emotions. I concentrated on asking Dad if he would please help me. In response, I saw a golden glow, and I heard him in my mind saying, “Yes, honey chile.” Wow—I had forgotten that when I was very young, he used to call me “chile” or “honey chile.” I knew it was he who had “spoken” to me. And here’s the funny part: I told him, “While you’re at it Dad, if you're going to do it, can you make it quick because these vet bills are outrageous.” I felt like I saw a little glow after I asked him that. But I wasn’t sure.

Early the next morning I went in to see Molly at the veterinary hospital, hoping she would still be alive. Instead of the plodding, sick dog I had seen the night before (who hadn’t wagged her tail for three days), Molly came bursting into the room, wriggling with pleasure, wagging her tail, licking my face over and over. She had recovered! The vets were puzzled. I was not.

The next day when I brought her home, I took her to a large photo I have of my mom and dad. They are standing side by side, my dad on the right and my mom on the left. I told Molly that we were thanking my dad for healing her. She gently touched her nose twice, right on top of my dad’s image. She didn’t touch any other spot on the photo.
If it wasn’t for my colleague who gave me the gift certificate, and if it wasn’t for Jan Kucker, the psychic with a loving heart, my dog Molly would not be with me today. I couldn’t be more thankful to them and to Dad.
With deep graditute,
Anniie, Molly's best friend 

Jan Kucker                                                                                  a psychic who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart & soul
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