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Angels of Prosperity


To help attract and bring more abundance into your life, the angels want you to say and visualize the following line every day:

"I attract joyful wealth into my life easily and effortlessly as each day unfolds."


There are thousands of unemployed angels. They're just waiting for YOU to ask them to help YOU out!

Isn't it time YOU connect with the Angels of Prosperity? When you stop struggling with "not enough," you can focus on your life's purpose.

Here's a list of some of the prosperity angels you can call on at any time:

Sweet Mama of Prosperity—Sweet Mama helps makes life more loving and joy-filled as you step into your prosperous self.

Money Honey Angel—Makes sweet deals for you.

Wanda the Wonder Girl—Wanda creates miracles. No task is too large or small; just call on her and ask for your miracle.

Freedom Freddy—Freddy gives you the financial freedom and helps make your dreams come true.

Spiritual Attitude Adjuster—Keeps you focused on your goals when life gets you sidetracked.

Holy Moley—Helps you set and keep goals that move your life toward a more positive direction.

Money Tree Angel—She's here to help your money grow and multiply quite easily.

Marvin the Maker of Magic—Marvin brings those magically blessed things to you.  

Prosperity Pete—Pete's a prosperity broker who assists your angels to better help you with your needs.

Zsa Zsa Bring Me New Home—If you want to buy or rent a home, Zsa Zsa's the gal to call on.

Clara the Angel of Courage—Clara sprinkles courage all around you to make your life's journey much easier.

The Attractor Angels—These angels are magnets for individuals, organizations and companies to buy the products you have for sale.

Appraisal Abby—Abby's a wonderful angel who brings in the appraisal price you are seeking. It can be for your home, car, jewelry or whatever you need appraised.

Charlie the Magic ManCharlie has a way with words that helps bring to you what you originally thought was unattainable.

Purple Passion Angel—Works with you to bring your true passions into reality.

Windy Lou—Windy is an angel who blows in to scoop up your worries and replace them with joyful thoughts.

 Melissa the Shining Star—Call on Melissa when you need to shine brightly on any occasion.

Gertie the Angel of Gratitude—Shows you the blessings you've already been given and the ones that may have been overlooked.

Pricing Princess Angel—She helps you get the best price on things you want to buy or sell.

Bring ME the Right Business Angel—Just as the name implies.

Fairy of Magical Wishes—She does just what you'd expect.

George the Generator—George generates what you need—new business ideas, new contacts, better cash flow. He's a great handyman, so let him work for you.

The Angelic Choosing Committee—To help you make better choices in your life that are for YOU and your greatest and highest good.

Maggie Me, the Queen of Great Hair Days—Call on Maggie when you need to have an exceptionally great hair day! It's alright to call on Maggie a lot so you look good and feel fabulous. She's very familiar with your inner-primping prince/princess! 


On the Wings of Angels

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