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Soul's Contract For Love
Tired of taking those difficult path's in life?



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Do you feel life hasn't been kind to you?  That everyone else is lucky in love and you're not?  Others get better jobs and you're more qualified?  "What gives?" you ask.

Most likely your soul agreed to experience these lessons, because of mistakes you've made in past lifetimes.  To make up for those "less than perfect decisions." Spirit wanted you to know what it feels like in this life.  

How long do I have to experience these karmic lessons?  Well, that depends on you.  If you are a quick learner, then not very long.  If you have embraced guilt to be your best friend, then the lessons will remain until you are so uncomfortable that you are willing to release them and the guilt.  

You'll wake up one morning and say,                                                       "This is enough, I am complete with this lesson."                                       When you begin to love yourself more and raise your self-esteem, life begins to change for the better for you.  Spirit has no interest in punishing you, they want to you learn from the lesson and begin to change your life for the better.  The entire secret to changing your karmic debt is learning how to respect and love yourself more; this begins to spread that goodness out into the world.  This is what Spirit wants, a kinder and more loving atmosphere for all to live in and it begins with YOU!



Karmic debtKarma refers to the energy created as a result of  your actions and relationships during your current and past lives.  Karmic debt means that something negative happened in the past that must be addressed in the present or in the future before you can continue to enjoy your life fully.

The purpose of a karmic debt -- Karmic debt is a means of helping people learn.  Every debt provides a lesson, and these lessons allow your soul to evolve.  Karmic debt is not a punishment.  It may feel uncomfortable because it requires you to confront past hurts and fears.  However, these uncomfortable sensations leave when the debt is paid.  In reality, karmic debt is a means of helping you replace pain and fear with peace and hope so that you will be more healthy and powerful in the future.

It's time to let go of your karmic debt and move forward with an open heart. You deserve happiness, loving relationship and satisfaction. Free yourself from restraint and welcome abundance. I would like to offer you hope and share something that has worked so well for so many. I invite you to sit down and rewrite your soul's contract.

For me, the process of rewriting my soul's contract has been a way to go back to the drawing board, make a fresh start and connect with God, Spirit, and my Angels. I acknowledge and honor how earnestly I have worked and ask to be released from my karmic debts. 

If you are ready to begin a new chapter in your life, I urge you to release your past. Draft your own contract between your heart and soul and our loving universe. Please feel free to adjust the contract below so it fits your needs, reflects your true wishes and inspires you to live your best life.


Here's a sample of  how to:

Rewrite Your Soul's Contract


You can adjust the wording of this contract to apply to any

experience, in your life, you wanting to release and/or enhance.


Dear God, Spirit and Angels and Universal Beings,

This contract is to advise you that I, ___________________________, (insert your name) have more than completed my karmic debt, including my family lineage who has also completed its karmic debt, of "less than perfect decisions of bringing in difficult love into my life and any self-sabotage on my behalf."  Therefore, all former contracts, karmic debt and otherwise, are hereby dissolved, forgiven and released by the Universal law of love and light, beginning today. Any and all less than perfect decisions of consciousness are healed within me, from this day forward.  My soul, and the souls of my family lineage through all generations of time and eternity, are now and forever FREED and RELEASED from a life of depravation of love and unkind people in my life and a mindset of "I deserve to be mistreated, abused, disrespected.  I don't deserve to live in joy and happiness, let alone have a loving partner that LOVES me and treats me with great respect."

I hereby declare to The Universe that it’s my birthright to live a wonderful life that is overflowing with great love, passion, abundance and prosperity in every aspect of my life: personal, business, and spiritual.

From this day forward I willingly and gratefully open my heart to receive life's bounty and I embrace an attitude of self-worth, attracting people who are emotionally healthy, good for me and good for my heart and soul. 

I cancel any and all contracts from the beginning of my soul's time to the end of my soul's existence, which also includes my entire family lineage.  We are NOW and FOREVERMORE FREED and RELEASED of any and all karmic debts of attracting people into my/our life, that are addicted to any and all substance abuse, which includes all drugs, booze, porn, sexual abuse, falling in love with an emotionally unavailable partner, as well as any and all verbal and physical abuse.

My life will reflect this change as I willingly move from a shortage to surplus of love and joyousness in my life!

It is my divine right to live a marvelous, rewarding life and I declare to The Universal Beings that my heart, mind and soul are now open and receptive. I shall gratefully receive and accept all the glorious bounties of loving people who care for me, honor me, love me and cherish me.  From this day forward, I shall allow myself to attract only those people who respect, honor, and love me in healthy and harmonious ways. I relish the ease and effortlessness of having plenty and I am grateful for the all gifts that come to me as each day unfolds.

I choose to create an abundance of self-love and loving energy all around me which grows stronger day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Thank you, dear Universe, Angels and Spirit for all of these loving, delightful gifts I receive from you daily. I am sincerely and eternally grateful for you believing in me.

All of these requests are for the greatest and highest good for me, and everyone in connection with me, in my personal and business life.

With much heartfelt love and gratitude,


______________________________ (sign your name)


Today's Date:  ___________________