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Angels of Abundance

Your angels always want you to have lots of joy, love and laughter in your life. They want YOU to give up struggling and embrace life with an open heart. Your angels know you deserve abundance.

Call on the Angels of Abundance every day to help make your life easier and more joy-filled.


Angels You Can Call on from Heaven's Hotline of Abundance:

Jack Flash Bring Me the Cash—Jack helps you quickly manifest money that you need for emergencies.

Angel Franklin—Looks like the Jolly Green Giant, but his leaves are made of money. Just ask him to shimmy when you your short on cash!

Pricing Princess—To help you get the best prices on the things you want to buy or sell.

Prosperity Pete—Pete's a prosperity broker who works with your angels to help you with your financial needs. 

Organizational Andy—Andy's the angel who can help you to declutter and get yourself organized. When you declutter you are making room for prosperity to flow more easily into your life.

Toot Your Own Horn Angel—Lets the world know who you are. Toot helps you to get your marketing material out in the world and won't let it just lie around gathering dust.

Wise Beyond Words Angel—Call on Wise when you need more clarity and wisdom in your life.

Dancing Matilda—Matilda's the angel to show you how to dance more joyfully through life.

Anti-Fear Follies Angel—Stops the fear before it gets a firm hold on you and replaces it with courage, joy and happiness.

The Attractor Angels—These angels are magnets for individuals, organizations and companies to buy the products you have for sale.

Research Rebba—Rebba's an angel who researches whatever your needs are.

Clara the Angel of Courage—Clara sprinkles courage all around you to make your life's journey much easier.


May the love of angels watch over you and show you that love, joy and happiness can be in your life everyday.

On the Wings of Angels

Jan Kucker––

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