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Halloween Seance at Hotel La Rose
with Psychic Jan Kucker and Rob & Joss of Froggy Radio 92.9
For years locals have heard about hauntings at the more than 100-year-old Hotel La Rose in Santa Rosa, California. Staff and guests alike have experienced objects moving, cold breezes on a warm day and even disconnected phones ringing.

On a recent Halloween Eve, Psychic medium Jan Kucker held a seance with Rob & Joss of Froggy Radio 92.9, as well as several of Jan's intuitive friends and a couple of staff members from the Hotel La Rose.

Check out these videos and pictures to experience the spooky,
haunted night for yourself!

2. Seance at Hotel La Rose (part two)

3. Children Spirits at Hotel La Rose (part three)

4. Other Spirits of Hotel La Rose (part four)

5. Revisiting Room 42 After Clearing the Spirits (part five)


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