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Angel Mail


Jan Kucker––a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart & soul


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Angels are special request agents. Special requests may cover a wide range of issues, from immediate tasks such as finding your lost keys to help with achieving a long-term goal. When you involve angels in your special requests, you are acknowledging the desires of your higher self. 

It's okay to ask your angels for help with your goals and aspirations. You may think the angels should already know what you want and that you shouldn't have to ask, but asking is a positive step that sets the action into motion. There is no harm in asking them for something, because they only do things for the highest good of all concerned. Don't worry about asking for too much or being too greedy. Your angels protect you from excesses because they are attuned with your higher consciousness.

With angel mail, you write your special request on a piece of paper and mail it to the angels. The written word is said to have a special power of its own. Declaring your wishes on paper and addressing your letter to the angels is a good way of clarifying your goals and true desires.

To make a special request of your angels, simply take a piece of paper and address it to your own highest angel and the highest angels of the others whom your request involves. In your request, be specific and define what you want as clearly as you can. Always add the phrase "for the highest good of all concerned" to your note.

You can apply this idea of angel mail to your boss, spouse, child, co-worker or friend, anyone with whom you have trouble communicating. Whether it is over disagreements, arguments or other issues, start by writing to that person's guardian angel and ask that the situation be understood on the highest level. 

Sign and date the letter, make a photo copy of it and tuck the letter away somewhere you won't see it for awhile. On the next full moon, closest to the midnight hour (Keep in mind that if you don't stay up late, it's midnight somewhere in the world!), put the original letter you signed in a cast iron skillet, barbecue or fireplace and set it on fire. Be sure to keep a close eye on the flame until it's completely extinguished. Now, ask your angels to receive your request and assist you for your greatest and highest good. 

Let a week go by and then start paying attention to what happens the next time you see the person you are in conflict with. You may notice obvious changes in that person, but keep your eye out for more subtle changes of heart. Also notice how you feel toward that person; maybe the healing needed to begin with YOU.

You can use this technique whenever you feel resistance from other people. Write to their angels and ask for loving communication between the two of you. 

You have the power within you to create miracles in your life!


Jan Kucker––

a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart & soul

My angel readings are unique, exciting and fun! Come join me and my band of angels for a wonderful hour of enlightenment and encouragement. We'll help you reach for the stars and believe in your dreams.

707.579.4809  Land line - receives NO texting 

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