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Rewrite Your Soul's Contract- For Abundance
It's time for you to embrace joy-filled abundance



     If you have been drawn to read this, it is likely that creating better financial security and abundance for yourself is very important to you.

     If you are like most, you've been working very hard to achieve more abundance in your life for a long time, but you may feel that despite all your efforts, you are not getting any closer to the goals you set for yourself ages ago and perhaps do not feel you are living your dreams.  There may be times when you wonder if you will ever get ahead or get a handle on your finances and you know it's not for a lack of trying.  You may have attempted various projects, or taken on extra commitments to bring more abundance into your life, but for some reason, it just doesn't seem to be happening for you thus far, in this lifetime.

     Karmic debt - something that has happened in the past that must be addressed in the present to allow for peace in your life.

    Do you feel life hasn't been kind to you?  That everyone else is lucky in love and you're not?  Others get better jobs and you're more qualified?  "What gives?" you ask.

    Most likely your soul agreed to experience these lessons, because of mistakes you've made in past lifetimes.  To make up for those "less than perfect decisions." Spirit wanted you to know what it feels like in this life.  

    How long do I have to experience these karmic lessons?  Well, that depends on you.  If you are a quick learner, then not very long.  If you have embraced guilt to be your best friend, then the lessons will remain until you are so uncomfortable that you are willing to release them and the guilt.  

    You'll wake up one morning and say,                                                                

    "This is enough, I am complete with this lesson."                                      

    When you begin to love yourself more and raise your self-esteem, life begins to change for the better for you.  Spirit has no interest in punishing you, they want to you learn from the lesson and begin to change your life for the better.  The entire secret to changing your karmic debt is learning how to respect and love yourself more; this begins to spread that goodness out into the world.  This is what Spirit wants, a kinder and more loving atmosphere for all to live in and it begins with YOU!




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Please print out this contract and fill in the blanks


Here's a sample of  how to:

Rewrite Your Soul's Contract For a More Abundant Life



Dear God, Spirit , Angels, and Universal Beings,


       I understand that, somewhere in time, my soul agreed to this karmic experience of living a challenging financial life.  This might include working far too hard for little or no money; choosing to work with, and keep working for, abusive bosses, employers, and co-workers; losing my financial wealth through poor investment choices; having friends and family that are emotionally and physically abusive to me, and who take advantage and/or mishandle my monetary resources.  As of NOW, please know that I release these karmic debts from my Soul's Agreement. 

      From this day forward this contract is to advise the Universal Beings who watch over me, that I have more than completed all contracts, karmic and otherwise, of living in poverty-consciousness, chronically challenged under-earning and living a meager existence.  These contracts are now and forevermore completed and forgiven.  I'm informing you that any karmic cords or connections to my family lineage have also been completed, regarding their karmic debt of financial poverty-consciousness.

      I release the belief that I am alone and unsupported in the world, as well as:




Fill in the blank lines with what you are releasing.  Avoid using the words don't, won't, not and can't.



      From the beginning of my soul's time to  the end of my soul's existence, which also includes my entire family lineage, we are NOW and FOREVERMORE FREED and RELEASED of any karmic debt of financial poverty, chronically challenged under-earning, and barely-getting-by consciousness.

       I release all physically and emotionally abusive, non-supporting, and negative people who might try to hold me back from achieving my soul's purpose of a joyfully abundant life.

      I am now set free to move forward in my life with great joy, love, and a rewarding life experience in my personal life, my business life, and on my spiritual life's journey.  From this moment forward, I attract and embrace emotionally healthy and supportive people in my life.  I am worthy of being abundant and living an abundant life.

      I declare on this day to all angels and spiritual beings, that the unlimited love of the universe has dissolved and released all my blocks and fears regarding poverty consciousness, plus any and all fears that limit me from having a full, abundant life.

     From this day forward, I shall allow myself to attract people who respect me, honor me, and love me in healthy and harmonious ways, I relish the ease and effortlessness of having plenty and I am grateful for the gifts that come to me easily, as each day unfolds.

     I willingly open my heart to beautiful, transformational healing for my body, mind, and soul to receive this great joy-filled abundance, which comes to me in the most delightful and astonishing ways.  All karmic debts and contracts for me and my entire family lineage are dissolved by this incredibly loving Universal Love and light.

     Furthermore, I state to the Universe and Universal Beings that I am choosing to reawaken my body, mind, and soul to the fact that it is my birthright to willingly embrace living a marvelously rewarding life, filled with lots of fantastic and happy financial rewards.  Abundance and joy is welcome in every aspect of my life.

     It is also my divine right to be paid extremely well for the work I love to do, which is:





(Fill in the blanks here with the kind of work you do, such as an accountant, park ranger, Spiritual Healer, etc.)


     I am declaring to the Spiritual Universe that I gratefully embrace and open my heart, my mind, and my soul to attract and receive this wonderful prosperity into my life NOW, which comes to me in the most incredible and magical ways.  This prosperous energy-thinking, now and forever more, flows into my soul, my conscious thinking, my finances, my bank accounts, savings accounts, retirement accounts, and some surprising forms of income.  It comes to me easily and effortlessly as each day unfolds.

     I will honor my creative endeavors and do work that best uses the gifts that God and Spirit gave me.  My unique self will know a peaceful home that nourishes my work and creative life, thus bringing abundance to me naturally.

     I create love and loving energy around me--it grows stronger day-by-day, hour-by-hour.  Thank you dear Universe, Angels, and Spirit for all the delightful gifts I have received, and the ones that are yet to come, from you.  I am eternally grateful.

     All of these requests are for my greatest and highest good, both for myself and everyone connected with me and the work I do.


With much heartfelt love and gratitude,


___________________________________________________             Today's Date:________________________

               (Sign your name here)










Instruction for "Soul's Contract For a More Abundant Life"


     After you've written your "Soul's Contract For A More Abundant Life," make a copy of it and tuck it away somewhere that you won't see it for at least six months.

     Then on a full moon, closet to the midnight hour, place your original Soul's Contract in a fire-safe container, such as a fireplace, cast iron skillet, or even a barbecue.  Set it on fire and watch it burn down until it's merely ashes.  (If you're not a late-night person, you can do this at any time, even at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, because it's midnight somewhere in the world - and this ceremony is all about honoring your intention, not the clock.)

     As your Soul's Contract is burning, ask you angels to take your request to heaven and let the spiritual beings that are here for your greatest and highest good fulfill your requests NOW!  Tell them you are sending it via "Angel Mail" and you want your wishes and dreams fulfilled in their entirety because it's your divine right to have and live a happy, loving, joyful and abundant life for the rest of your life.

     Now sit back and watch the miracles happen, because you've just declared that YOU finally love yourself enough to make these demands and you're not go back on your word.  Your angels now know that the spiritual universe is fully willing to support those wishes, dreams and desires.


Wishing you the best life ever...

Jan Kucker

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