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Jan Kucker––
a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart & soul



Meet your Guardian Angels

Connect with loved ones who have passed on

Discover who you were in a past life

Ignite your love life and passion

Make more out of your career



  "Each reading is truly an amazing and healing experience."


My Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides introduced themselves to me quite awhile ago. Over time I have learned to fully trust my intuition because it is guided by these wise counselors. They have shown me how opening my heart frees me to delight in the joy of our loving universe

There are as many kind spirits among us as there are people on earth, spirts who are dedicated to nurturing our souls if only we open our hearts to them. Our Angels and Guides are here to support us through difficult times. They encourage us to find self-love on a deeper level and cherish our time on earth.

Angels and Guides pointed me to my path of helping others release their fears and welcome joy and abundance into their lives. They allow me to share their knowledge and empower you to be who you are truly meant to be.

During your reading, I will introduce you to YOUR very own Angels and Guides. You will learn their names and find out how they can help you move beyond the karmic agreements you've made. You will experience a more open mind, heart and soul––a welcome invitation to a life of love, gratitude and peace!


Jan Kucker


      To schedule your reading or find out more  call

707.579.4809 Land line receives NO texting

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    Monday through Friday  9 am – 6 pm  USA - Pacific Time