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Jan Kucker––a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart & soul


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What clients are saying about Jan ...

I was raised in Brazil where the psychics are very spiritual. I've had a lot of psychic readings since coming to the United States, many years ago, but none we're authentic, until I met you Jan.   

You're the real deal. I'll be coming back to see you.

Tiffany C.–San Diego, CA  

Since working with Jan I am no longer tentative about expressing what I want, need and deserve. Jan 's work has helped me heal situations from my past that had held me back for a very long time.  

Jan has crystal clear vision and has used this vision to help me achieve what was, before my work with her, just a dream. My sessions with Jan have included psychic readings, as well as healing imagery work. Words cannot describe my gratitude for Jan.

Lizzy Roddis

Jan is the best of the best! Her readings are truly amazing! Her Angels give you so much information on the things that are yet to come. It's like her Angels give you preventive maintenance so you get through the tough things in life without so much hassle.       

Susan Rose–Orlando, Florida

There are few people in the world who actively seek day-to-day inspiration and guidance with nymph-like charm and compassion. Truly, Jan is a poet of life. She is clear with information and kind beyond words. 

Jan is not about predicting futures, but about acknowledging the opportunities we have today––that will help in creating our tomorrows."      

Laura Sites–Bozeman, Montana

Jan has given me several readings and I find her quite uplifting and honest.  Her angel guidance and readings have assisted me and helped me when I needed it most.

Siobhan–County Clare Ireland

Jan Kucker is a wonderful "angel reader," as well as "energy reader." There are so many people available today who have some level of talent. Jan not only has talent, but also expertise. She has given me, and many of my friends, readings that really go to the core issues. Whether we ask the question or she leads us to it, the information is clear and actionable. There is much value in this.

She does not tell me what I want to hear, but what comes through her angels, my angels, and both of our "higher selves." She does not deliver messages in a negative way, which can tend to shut me down.  She takes the information given and words it gently, forcefully, and in a way from which I can take action to change it if I desire. How can it get any better than that?

Jan's awareness, sensitivity and knowledge are unsurpassed in my experience. Her desire to know, coupled with an immense capacity to learn, and then, to apply her knowledge and insight into the workings of others, creates transformation and healing.

I have know Jan for many years and have found her compassion and professionalism to be outstanding.  For those of you about to experience her work for the first time, I envy you.

Cheri Jaques–Nature Path

I have met with Jan several times over the past few years, sometimes with personal-growth struggles and another time I needed her guidance to find the right attorney for my father's case. Later when I called the attorney Jan's angels recommended, he said, "I have your file right here on my desk with your dad's name on it. It got sent to me by mistake."  Mistake or no mistake––I'll let you be the judge of that.

After my father's death, I went to Jan to reconnect with him. Jan and her angels connected with my dad and conveyed details only my sister and I knew––details about his death, his service, conversations he and I had just before his passing. She spoke of things she couldn't possibly have known. There's no doubt in my mind that Jan truly connected with my father. Now I have peace of mind, knowing that he's finally out of pain and happy.

I've often referred Jan to my friends, family and business associates so they too can experience the healing power of her readings. 

Even if you never thought you would believe, you will once you've had a session with Jan.

Isabel Yardley–Accountant

I lost my wife of 48 years to lung cancer. Luckily I was led to Jan, who was able to contact my wife. I learned that my beloved is happy, and so life goes on. 

During one of our readings, my wife came in loud and clear. She scolded me for not listening to her bang the pots and pans in the kitchen. "I know you have a hearing problem Harold, but my goodness you should have been able to hear me!" she giggled.

I asked her if she was also turning off the coffee maker and she replied, "How else am I going to get your attention."    

It's so wonderful to be able to chat with her through Jan. It's a dose of good medicine! Without it, I don't think I could have lived another year after her death. What a wonderful gift Jan has.              

Harold Bachman–Artist/Designer of "Doggie Diner" in San Francisco, CA 

Last year for my 55th birthday I received a gift certificate for an intuitive reading with Jan Kucker.  Nice gesture, I thought, but I was a bit skeptical. A month or two went by before curiosity finally got the best of me and I scheduled an appointment. That reading changed the course of my family's life, and all for the better. 

Jan has been instrumental in the healing of our early childhood traumas and has brought our family together in peace and love, helping us calm our once angry and bitter hearts and discover compassionate understanding. Her guided visualization process and an unconditional positive regard has helped relieve our pain. I feel safe entrusting my entire family to her care. My family continues the journey of finding self love and forgiveness with the help of our beloved Jan, guiding and paving the way. It's food for the soul and good for the whole family.

Deborah Cooper–Certified Massage Therapist

I went into my reading with Jan with as much doubt as anyone could possibly have. I finished the reading with a completely different perspective regarding spirituality.

I now believe, without any doubt, that the other side does exist and that many spirits and angels are with us to help watch over us while we go through our physical lives on earth.

Jan is  genuinely endowed with the ability to communicate with spirits and in so doing, helps us on our paths to learning and making wiser choices.

Jeff O.–Realtor

Session Prices 

1 Hour        $150 (USD)

3/4 Hour      $115

1/2 Hour      $90



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707.579.4809 Land line receives NO texting

Email me at:


Monday through Friday  9am - 6pm  (USA - Pacific Time)