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Story told by Jan Kucker 

With the permission of Harold Bachman—artist/designer      of the weiner dog at "Doggie Diner"                                        in San Francisco, California.


Harold was a 75-year-old man whose wife of 48 years had died of cancer and he missed her terribly. He explained to me that he wasn't into the spiritual stuff, until he saw psychic Rosemary Altea on the Oprah Winfrey show. She had been talking about reconnecting loved ones who had passed away to those who are left behind. It was then he knew he wanted to find someone where he lived to do the same thing for him.

Harold said he like the name of my business "On the Wings of Angels." He didn't think it could hurt to have angels watching over him.

During our reading his wife came in loud and clear. She scolded him for not listening to her bang the pots and pans in the kitchen. "Harold, I know you have a hearing problem, but my goodness you should have been able to hear me, she exclaimed. I even turned the lights off and on to get your attention."

"Are you also turning off the coffee pot?" Harold asked.

"Of course, how else am I going to get your attention," she giggled.

Over the next 10 years Harold would come in once or twice a year to talk to his beloved wife, Mary. He said, "It was a dose of good medicine, without which I don't think I would have lived a year after her death."



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Client Testimonials

"Jan did a reading for me shortly after my aunt passed and she quickly connected with her energy. It was clear to me from what she said that it was indeed my aunt she was communicating with. She was very nurturing and helpful during a difficult transition. I would recommend Jan to anyone seeking direction or guidance for their life issues and decisions."

Caren Parnes— Graphic Designer


"I had a session with Jan several years after my father's passing.  A lingering, unsettled feeling about my father had been bothering me so I went to Jan to put these feelings to rest. I brought a photograph and several personal belongings of my dad to my session with Jan. She immediately put me at ease, as this was something I'd never done before, and she began by telling me about my guardian angels. She told me their names, what they looked like and how they helped me. I could immediately relate to what she said. I knew I was in a safe, secure place. Following this session with Jan, I felt much better about my father and I was sure he was in a good place. I no longer had any unsettled feelings and I felt sure he knew my love for him and forgiveness was ours. 

I highly recommend Jan Kucker for anyone seeking closure with a loved one who has passed. I was able to say what my heart longed to express and I was sure my message was heard. Jan is a truly kind and caring woman.

Denise Brodt – Website Designer