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Calling in Your Parking Lot Angels &
Using Your Angels to Stay Connected


Parking Lot Angels

When you are leaving to go to your destination, visualize the parking area you want to park in. Now start talking to your angels (inside your head or out loud—it doesn't matter), telling them exactly which parking space you want when you get there.


In the beginning, it might take a little practice. Sometimes the angels give you a parking space just as you drive past the spot you wanted. Sometimes you need to keep working with them until they give you the space just as you drive up. 

You'll begin to giggle at first when you make the connection of manifesting your parking space. With a little practice, you'll get really good at finding fabulous parking for yourself every time you go out—really!

Pass this technique along to your friends so they can manifest easy parking, too.

You can also say this verse to help you out:                                                                        

"Hail Gladys full of grace, help me find a great parking space."

This is called instant connection with your Angels. Once you realize you have the ability to make an instant connection, you can begin to develop other connections with your Angels. They love having fun and playing games, so this is a win-win situation for YOU and YOUR Angels.


Staying Connected

Visualize a friend or a loved one you haven't heard from for awhile. See them picking up the phone to call you. Now just wait to see how long it takes for your friend to actually connect. Again, this is training your ability to make an Angel connection. Your proof that you can do it? Your friend is on the phone talking to you! 

After you have mastered the art of the telephone connection, begin to visualize your friend or family member calling within an hour of your making your angel request. It's wonderful to discover that you have spiritual skills you were unaware you had. 

You really can manifest wonderful things! 



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