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Loved Ones Who Have Passed Keep Showing Up


Jan Kucker––                                                                       a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart & soul


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One of my passions is reconnecting loved ones who've passed on with those who are left behind. It doesn't matter if your mom, dad, brother, sister, partner or friend has been gone for one month or 40 years. Reconnecting with somone you love allows your heart to heal.

Clients have often wanted to know about a loved one who has passed away. Your heart may ache to know how your mom is doing. Is she watching over you and your kids? If your relationship with your mom had been a loving one, Mom will definitely find a way to let you know she's watching over you! I can show you how to tune in to her. Start by paying attention to things that keep repeating themselves. This could be a scent that reminds you of her, her perfume or  something she loved to cook. You may notice a particular flower fragrance keeps showing up–that's Mom trying to get your attention.

Loved ones also can come to you in vivid dreams, you know the ones when you swear you could reach out and touch them. That's another way loved ones can reconnect with us from the other side. Sometimes loved ones who've passed make the lights in a room flicker or make sounds of bumping into a wall or banging of pots to try and get your attention. Our loved ones can be very creative when it comes to letting us know they're still close to us.

If your relationship with your mom was not a loving one and Mom shows up, it's because she has to make amends with you. It's YOUR choice to say if you want her around or not. In most cases, if your relationship was troubled with your loved one, that person will owe you some BIG favors! So, use those favors to help make your life better. 

Perhaps your'e in a terrible relationship. Call on Mom or your loved one to help get you out of this relationship in a safe and loving way. Now, Mom or your loved one won't be able to do the task for you; they will use the best angels in heaven to do the work. Usually, the angels get you out of trouble in a far better way than you could have ever dreamed. So when asking for help from Angels and Spirit Guides, always include in your request, "for my greatest and highest good." You get better service that way!

When you meet with me for your intuitive reading, bring a picture of your loved one. This helps her reconnect you with them. You'll be amazed at how profoundly healing it is to know how your loved one is doing in heaven.