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On the Wings of Angels


Jan Kucker

Psychic/Medium & Intuitive

Inspiration, Clarity & Empowerment

To awaken your infinite possibilities


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Intuitive Coach * Confidant * Catalyst For Change                   

Jan's spiritual work is about helping YOU transform old beliefs of not being good enough, or not trusting yourself enough to make wise decisions.  Jan is passionate about inspiring you to reawaken your soul to remember how beautiful, powerful and wise you were destined to be!

The focus of Jan's work is helping YOU heal the wounds of your heart and soul through self-empowerment.  Angels and Spirit Guides help Jan show YOU how to live an empowered life, embracing your destiny to live a life a life filled with great joy, love and laughter.

Jan is able to read the energy from pictures, jewelry and even business cards. Bring any of those items to a session, or send pictures of yourself via email, and you will be given the tools and guidance you need to move beyond your present situation. During your reading, you will gain sharper awareness, develop greater inner-strength and learn to make wiser choices that will bring you the happiness you deserve.

Lots of Angel Love to YOU...



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Jan Kucker is an internationally known psychic, clairvoyant and medium who has appeared on many radio and TV talk shows. Clients from Ireland to South Africa come to Jan for her intuitive wisdom, clarity and inspiration.

To find out more about how Jan can empower the goddess in you, or to schedule your appointment for a reading, call

707.579.4809  Land line - receives NO texting

  Email me at 

Monday through Friday  9am – 6pm  (Pacific Time)

Click here to Schedule a Reading with Jan



You can hear Jan Kucker on the Danny Wright Show at 97.7 FM The River on your radio.               

Listen to some of Jan's calls on The River.


Jan with Danny Wright Show on the River, 97.7 FM


"Jan is truly a psychic with a loving heart. Her intuitive readings have really benefited me. I highly recommend her."

Sally Criss––Acupuncturist

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707.579.4809   Land line - receives NO texting

Email me at 

Monday through Friday   9am – 6pm (Pacific Time)            

Question––I met this person and I instantly felt drawn to him. What's that all about?

Answer––If there's an instant connection, you've most definitely met in a past life. Whether you like or dislike a person instantly, it is because your soul recognizes them. You are drawn to them in order to fulfill a karmic agreement that needs to be completed.

Say, for example, you are sexually attracted to someone. This may mean that you've been lovers in a past life and are here to clear something up. Perhaps that person wasn't able to commit to a loving relationship with you. Or, it could be that you only had a few years together and your soul wants more!

Each connection is unique and has it's own particular story. Jan can help you understand the instant attraction and empower you to make the most of the meeting.