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Honey Jar

A Way to End Conflict and

Bring More Sweetness into Your Life



Jan Kucker                                                                                      

a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering                       

your heart & soul

Are you tired of dealing with a grouchy boss? Do you have a pushy friend or family member who's continually  getting on your nerves? Perhaps you've tried to smooth things out between the two of you, but nothing you've done has worked. Then, it's time to try the Honey Jar to help you resolve your conflicts.

A very dear friend of mine was having an issue with a boss that was driving her nuts. One minute the boss was sweet to her and then in the next moment, she would go into a rage for no apparent reason. 

I told her I had something that might help remedy her problem. Although in the past she would have pooh-poohed it, this time she agreed. She was ready to move beyond this conflict. "I've got to do something or I'm gonna go nuts," she admitted. 

I gave her the instructions for the Honey Jar—A Way to End Conflict and Bring More Sweetness into Your Life. She began to focus on how she wanted her boss to treat her and wrote down her wish list: "treat me kinder; do not have temper tantrums; show me more respect; appreciate the work I do for the company."

About a month after my friend tried the Honey Jar, she reported that her boss wasn't yelling at her like she used to. Another couple of weeks went by and my friend called me to say, "Jan my boss thanked me for doing a great job on a project. She's never done that before. We're actually building a good working relationship. I am thrilled!"

Five years have passed since my friend tried the Honey Jar and she's still getting along with her boss! Every once in a while she adds honey to her Honey Jar. "I don't understand exactly how it helps to resove conflict, but I know the Honey Jar works!"

My friend has noticed that none of her co-workers are being treated as well as she is. So you see, the Honey Jar treatment does work.                                                                  

Wishing you the best on creating wonderful harmony and sweetness in your life. 



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Honey Jar—A Way to End Conflict and                  Bring More Sweetness into Your Life

Create your Honey Jar—Here's how! 


Step 1:

Write the name(s) of the person or persons you are having conflict with on a piece of paper. Then turn the paper over and write:

I want peace of heart with this person. We both have more joy in our lives. We have a more harmonious relationship. This person treats me with great respect. They are more loving toward me. (Add whatever else you'd like to bring into your relationship.)

Step 2:

Put that paper in a empty jar and slowly pour honey over it.

Make sure all the paper is entirely covered with honey. Begin to visualize how you want your relationship to be with the person you're having difficulty with. This is not a time to be spiteful. Remember, this is all about good thoughts for you and the person you are in conflict with.

Step 3:

Put the lid on the jar and store it away.

Put it in a place where you won't see it for a while, like the garage or a closet you don't use very often. Do NOT put the honey jar near food—you don't want to be digesting bad vibes. Definitely don't store it in your bedroom—you want to be able to rest well, too. 

In a relatively short time, you'll begin to notice this person is treating you in a kinder, gentler way.

When you find out how well this works, you can continue to add more names to the honey jar as needed. Just remember to add more honey and set your intention for a sweeter life for you and the person you are in conflict with.

You will be quite delighted by how well this works! Feel free to pass this along to your friends so they too can experience a sweeter life, too.

Jan Kucker

a psychic medium who shows YOU the art of empowering your heart  

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Read how the Honey Jar has helped others!

Hi Jan,

I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed my reading and am amazed how different I feel! I noticed it already the next day and I'm really enjoying the change. I also tried the honey resolution practice with the people I work with. Wow, let me tell you, today was so different than it usually is. 

For the first time in three years my boss asked me how my weekend was—can you believe that! I couldn't believe my ears. I'm a believer in the Honey Jar. Next I'm going to try it on some grouchy in-laws!

Lisa Anne–Healdsburg, California

Dearest Jan,

I met with you and discussed a situation that had been brewing for a long time with my boss.  The situation was stopping me from moving forward because I was hung up on “being right” and let’s just say not being the “best” person. I realized that I didn’t want this type of energy in my life and you suggested I use the Honey Jar. 

So, I did it and within a week the conflict subsided and I felt lighter at work. Being me, I was slightly doubtful, but as life would have it, a similar situation arose. Once again I used the Honey Jar and within a few days, the conflict subsided.

I am now a believer! You led me in the right direction with that honey jar idea and I appreciate your wonderful guidance and support. 

Tell your clients if they are non-believers, like I was, to use the Honey Jar and trust that it will work if you are willing to allow your positive energy to flow in the direction of resolution.

 Dana Smith–Miami Florida