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Listening to Your Heart


Gary is your typical “Man’s Man” kind of guy.  The type of guy with a heart of gold, but isn’t very spiritual and doesn’t necessarily believe in the afterlife, that was until Gary had a recent experience that would change those beliefs, and his life, forever!

After not feeling so great one day, Gary finally broke down and went to the doctor.  He told the doctor about the pressure he was feeling in his chest, and with obvious concern, his doctors did a thorough examination on Gary and gave him a clean bill of health, telling him he was just fine and they could not find anything.

A few days after his exam, Gary awoke in the middle of the night with severe tension in his chest, with pain penetrating all the way from his chest through to his shoulder blades, along with a very sour stomach.  Gary made his way downstairs, searching for ibuprofen for his chest pain and Tums for his stomach. As he put the Tums in his mouth, Gary noticed that inside the medicine cabinet he was just in, there was a box of Alka-Seltzer that was NEVER there before.  Gary suddenly felt a surge over his body and he knew immediately this was a sign from his father, who died nearly 40 years ago of a heart attack while he was reaching for a box of Alka-Seltzer.  Gary knew instantly it was a sign from his Dad telling him that he was dying and needed to get help now, so he didn’t leave this world so early, like he had done!


Gary went upstairs and told his wife they needed to go to the emergency room right now, even though he was cleared by the doctors just days ago, something was seriously wrong and they needed to go to the hospital. 

When Gary and his wife reached the ER, the doctors still couldn’t find anything wrong with him.   It wasn’t until they started doing an angioplasty when Gary heard his doctor say, “Oh Shit!”  The doctor informed Gary that he had just overcome a “widow maker”.  Not knowing what that was, Gary asked the doctor what he meant and the doctor replied, “You had a heart attack that you shouldn't survived.  There is no explanation why you are still alive; you should be dead right now!  Your arteries are 98% closed.”

Gary, now a converted spiritual man, lives life every day knowing his angels are watching over him and believes miracles can be created from our loved ones who’ve passed, and although we can’t physically see them, they will make their presence known as a reminder they are still with us and always watching over us.