October 10, 2014 @ 4:29 PM


I was recently at a wedding and my friend, Alexandra, shared a wonderful story that I thought you'd enjoy.

Alexandra had a dream three nights before she was going in for an interview with Google, where she would be doing massage for their employees.  In the dream she was wearing a tee shirt that had a picture of the Beatles on it.  Since she is very intuitive,
she felt it was a sign she needed to listen to.  

On the day of the interview she put on her Beatles tee shirt and asked her family what they thought.  Immediately, her husband and daughter said, "That's not appropriate to wear to an interview."  So she covered up the tee shirt with a vest and looked business presentable.  Yet she felt she still needed to wear the tee shirt she'd dreamed of.  

On the drive to Google, she turned on the radio and guess 
what song was playing?  
"All I Need is Love...love is all I need," b
y The Beatles.

Well, that was definitely a sign she thought.  When the song was over, she pushed the button on her radio and the next song she heard was, "Strawberry Fields Forever ..." by The Beatles.
By this time, she giggled and knew she was on the right track of just wearing The Beatles tee shirt.

She was within, five miles of Google, when the next song on the radio was "Hey Jude," 
which happens to be her favorite Beatles song.

When she arrived in Google's parking lot she took off the vest and walked proudly into the interview with her Beatles tee shirt.

A couple of day's later she got a call from the Human Resources Department, telling her she'd gotten the job.

She asked them out of curiosity, "Can you tell me what it was that got me the job?"

The H.R. lady said, "I had 5 people tell me they really liked the lady wearing "The Beatles tee shirt."

When she hung up the phone, she let out a belly laugh and said "Thank you Angels and Goddess for the wisdom to listen."



 Note from Jan:

Angels and Guides work in amazing ways,  

you just have to listen to when they speak to you. 



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