April 21, 2016 @ 3:03 PM



You can communicate with your Angels

by talking with them out loud or silently inside your head.

Either way, they will hear you.


I suggest that people begin by communicating with their "Parking Lot Angels," it's possible that you will have an instant knowingness that they've heard you. How is that you say? Well if you get the parking space you were thinking about, they heard you. If you don’t, you'll have to work on improving your communication with them.

Here's how you start: as you are leaving home, visualize where you are going and see in your mind where you want to park. Let's say you want a parking space no more four spaces from the entrance to the store you're going to be shopping at. As you get closer to your destination, ask your Angels to clearly show you where your parking space is.

The more you intuitively think about your parking space, the better the connection you'll have with your Angels. This is what the Angels often refer to as "instant response." You'll know instantly that they've heard your request because you get what you want—your parking space! 

Angels love to play games like this because they understand you're trying to hone your intuitive skills. You can use this visualizing technique for many things. You could even ask your Angels to let you find money in unusual places—at your local gas station when you’re filling up, on the sidewalk when you're taking your evening stroll or even in your own driveway under the morning newspaper. 

One of my clients told me she wanted to go to a class of mine but money was very tight. She told her Angels she needed gas money to be able to drive to class. So, in good faith, she went to her gas station to put five dollars of gas in her car and when she looked down she found a ten-dollar bill! She thanked her Angels for the gift, filled up her gas tank and drove happily off to class.

With a bit of practice you’ll learn to trust your intuitive abilities. You’ll trust that your Angels hear you when you make requests, even if the response isn’t instant. Visualize, trust and open your heart. It's really as easy as that.

If you believe, you can receive.


Jan Kucker

a psychic medium